Dr. Nathaniel Elkins has powerful healing hands. His ability to find the problem and address with some simple complaints is uncanny. I love that Dr. Elkins uses adjustments and not back cracking, helping to reset the tilt of a neck. Plus he has the support of Xrays which made me feel even more comfortable with his explanation of the plan at hand.

Maylin G.

Back and Neck Pain

Dr. Elkins is fantastic.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Elkins for about 4 months now and am extremely grateful for how much he has helped my back. I was looking for a new chiropractor in LA and picked him from yelp somewhat randomly (knowing nothing about NUCCA), and I feel pretty lucky. I felt better after the first appointment than after 15 sessions with 3 other chiropractors combined, and have continued to feel more and more even, comfortable, and ache-free since.

Dr. Elkins is so patient, accommodating, and humble. I never feel rushed with all of my various questions and concerns. The NUCCA adjustment is very precise. When I was traveling recently and felt things get out of place, I took out my phone, opened yelp, made an appointment with a local NUCCA chiropractor, called Dr. Elkins and got an e-mail from him within 30 minutes describing my exact adjustment, showed that to the new chiropractor, and walked out a happy camper. How cool is that?

Three cheers for Dr. Nathaniel!


A few months ago I got in a pretty bad fender-bender and was feeling tightness in my shoulders and neck that gave me headaches every day. I knew I needed to see someone but I was skeptical of traditional chiropractors and how they just crack and pop you every which way.

I heard that NUCCA is more specialized and doesn’t use that method, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Especially when my friend said it got rid of her migraines! Sure enough after my first adjustment- though it barely felt like anything compared to the techniques of my past chiros- I was headache free!

Then recently I misplaced some rib-heads from lifting something and was feeling stabs of pain in my back whenever I breathed in or moved in certain ways, but after seeing Dr Elkins that pain started to subside and eventually leave completely.

It’s really great knowing I have a reliable chiropractor to go to, especially now that I’m taking martial arts. And when you live in LA fender-benders are almost a given. If you live in the area I’d highly recommend checking him out!

Jewel H. 5/1/2013

Hi Dr. Elkins,

My son was treated by you a few times last year. He was dealing with horrible headaches. I just wanted to take the time to tell you that you provided amazing treatment! We feel that what you did “saved” him. I have thought of emailing you so many times, but I guess never at the right time.

We had to cut the treatment time short, and I still pray that he will continue to be okay with the few adjustments he had. So far so good.

I truly believe in what you do! I would choose it over traditional medicine any day.

– A Mom 3/25/2013

Whiplash- tingling sensations

Shortly after a car accident, I experienced several symptoms all related to whiplash – neck soreness, heavy headiness, tingling in my arms, legs, scalp, face, tinnitus and goosebumps for no apparent reason. My symptoms had become a major distraction and prevented me from wanting to do anything more than to sleep the days away. I went to see Dr. Elkins 2 months ago, sobbing in his office about all my symptoms. He was so kind to me and is a really great listener. I could tell he sincerely wanted to help me.

I am happy to share with you, that after 2 months of care, the tingling is 95% better, my head does not feel as heavy, and I now have enough energy and motivation to actually go outside and see the world. Just this past weekend I did a three mile hike – a tremendous achievement since just three months ago, meals and showers were skipped because it was aggravating my symptoms! I really enjoy my visits with Dr. Elkins and I hope in time, my adjustments will hold longer and my symptoms will continue to improve. I am so impressed with Dr. Elkins and the NUCCA technique. I most certainly highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of chiropractic care!

Susana L., Los Angeles, CA


Neck Tightness and Arm Pain

I got lucky and read the reviews of Dr. Elkins patients and I have found a really great chiropractor. I was having pain in my forearms, fingers, and neck. Mostly likely due to work occupational hazard. I sit at a computer for at least 7 hours/5 days a week. I have only seen him three times and I already felt a difference after two visits. I don’t feel the pain as much in my arms and the achy feeling in my fingers. My neck is not as tight and I am sure with a few more adjustments I will be in perfect alignment. He thoroughly explains what will be done. If you are unsure he is more than willing to go into detail. If you are looking for a chiropractor in the West LA area. Go see him!

Christine B.


Neck and Back Pain

I came to Dr. Elkins for neck and back pain due to an auto accident I was involved in. The neck and back pain were so bad that I could not do the little things we take for granted daily, like standing for a short period of time. Since seeing Dr. Elkins, I am now able to do regular activities without pain or constraints, such as; driving, walking for 30 minutes or more, sleeping or even standing for a long period of time.

Dr. Elkins helped me get my life back! On a scale of 10, I give him a 10 out of 10 for the quality of care he provided. I had a great experience and would recommend him to any one of my friends and even my enemies!

Benessa K.


Shoulder, Neck and Jaw Pain

I was born broken more or less, with one side torqued causing massive shoulder and neck pain. Then four months ago I fell off of a horse going full speed. I landed on the side of my face causing debilitating neck pain which caused me to seek treatment immediately. The pain was so bad I could not do yoga, ride a horse or dance. Basically anything I did caused pain.

Dr. Elkins performed NUCCA, or the adjustment of the atlas for me. He provided me with a general piece of mind through out my care. The treatment he provided helped my overall posture and especially my jaw pain. When it came to my care, I liked the hip checks alot. I could really feel how even and balanced I was on my own two feet. The adjustments were great and I looked forward to my visits with Dr. Elkins. I give him an 8.5/10. A friend referred me and I would do the same. It is amazing how such a subtle adjustment such as NUCCA can have overall results.

Michelle F.


Whiplash & Neck Pain

Yelp Review 4/21/2011

Until last November I only knew whiplash as a unfortunate ailment that happened to other people. That all changed the morning I was rear-ended by a speeding van that had not seen the red light I was stopped at or my car by that matter. As soon as the impact occurred pain grasped my neck, head and shoulders sending lightning rods of hurt down my arms and back. Whiplash was no longer a stranger to me and was now the reigning chief of my great discomfort.

My mother had been through a similar scenario a few years before so I called her to ask what I should do. “Go to a NUCCA doctor!!” she said it is the best therapy you can have. I looked into see where there was a NUCCA treatment office near me and found Dr. Elkins who turned out to be just wonderful. Dr. Elkins is very professional, through, gentle and most importantly effective in assisting his patience’s to a speedy recovery. We worked together about a dozen times and each time I could feel big changes in my mobility and the dis-solvement of what had been a very painful injury. If you are in need of help he is the man to see. I cannot say enough good things about his work and will be ever grateful for the gift of health he was able to restore in me. Be well and good luck!

Courtney W. 4/21/2011

Neck and Shoulder Pain from Car Accident

Southern California is saturated with chiropractors, but not all chiropractors are trained the same. Since my first car accident in ’96, I’ve experienced many types of chiropractors, and am lucky to experienced those trained in NUCCA http://www.nucca.org/.

Recently, on 8/8/10, I was in a car accident on Crescent Heights and Sunset Blvd. It left my right arm, shoulder, and neck, in excruciating pain — I had headaches, was severely thirsty, and fatigued. I could not work, nor lift my right arm in the morning, and had very little strength or power. It was a struggle to even dress myself.

Having experienced NUCCA before, I looked up the nearest chiro and booked an appointment with Dr. Nathaniel Elkins.

NUCCA concentrates on your C1, and C2 vertebrate: your atlas and axis, upon which your skull rests. C1 and C2 are the first two vertebrate of your body, as your spinal column extends down, and nerves branch out. The logic is that if you go to the root, and fix it this foundation, the rest of the body will fall into place.

NUCCA differs from your stereotypical chiropractor, who just says, “You’re out of alignment,” and then proceeds to do some violent, cracking manipulations. My question was, “How do you know how much I’m out of alignment, and how are you measuring your assessment?”

My experience with NUCCA chiros is that they initally take 2 hours to test your range of motion, and X-RAY your neck, and then show you how many degrees you’re off the XY axis. The visual really helps you understand how off you are, and the type of precision necessary to make you erect and balanced (otherwise, you’re going through life like the Leaning Tower of Pisa).

There are no scary, bone-cracking manipulation: only non-invasive adjustments on your occipital region. Which is great for me, because I could never relax (and hence never release) with those old-fashioned bone-crackers. With NUCCA, it feels like someone is lightly brushing/pressing on the back of your skull.

Dr. Elkins found me to be 4 1/2 degrees off, and that I possessed a “military neck” — from trauma experienced ~15-17 years ago (a military neck takes many years to create) — which sucks because I also saw that I was growing bone spurs to support my lopsidedness (basically my neck was trying to fuse itself together so that it could support my off-kilter head).

I was then X-ray’d again after my first adjustment, so my alignment could be re-measured. You feel the difference (or relief) right away, and I would advise taking it easy, and napping/going to bed early that first night, because during sleep is when your body heals itself.

Unfortunately, the initial adjustment didn’t hold, and my body let me know by being completely locked up, just like after my car accident, so I went back to Dr. Elkins, and he set me straight. Since then, my adjustment’s been holding, and I can feel my body balancing itself out…it’s really subtle: I’m walking better (feels like my hips are not as stuck), and hopefully, my military neck will resolve itself over the years. My strength came back, and the headaches and fatigue gone.

I can’t thank Dr. Elkins enough: he has saved my health, my time, and my wallet with his precision chiropractic care. If you go to a chiro on a regular basis, and you feel like you never seem to get anywhere, give a NUCCA chiropractor a try…the technique gets to the root of the problem, and you’ll feel great!

Erica L. 9/22/2010

Disc Issue and Neck Pain

I have had a bulged disc between my L4 and L5 vertebra. I originally injured my low back 10 years ago, but it has started acting up again. Additionally, I have begun to have some neck pain and loss of the curve in my neck. I began seeing Dr. Elkins because the low back pain began interfering with working out, specifically running and playing tennis. Dr. Elkins definitely helped me. I was able to run a marathon (26.2 mi) last month, play tennis again and a number of other activities virtually pain free! On a scale of 10, I give Dr. Elkins 10 out of 10. He is patient and really listens to what is going on with your health concerns. He is always willing to help find a solution to your health issue. He is very personable and great to talk to. I hope my friends and family will really follow my advice to see Dr. Elkins for any problems they may have, so they to can live a healthy and pain free life.

S.F. 7/27/2010

Low Back and Shoulder Pain

Dr. Elkins helped me with the chronic pain and discomfort in both my lower back and shoulder. Since beginning my care, I have completely stopped going for message treatments to manage the discomfort. What stands out about Dr. Elkins is that he takes the extra time with me to address what is bothering me.

The entire process/ treatment is well organized, from a thorough history and x-rays to the determining the root cause of the pain. Dr. Elkins uses the latest technology which provides accurate adjustments, unlike the conventional manual adjustment which could be uncomfortable.

P.K. 5/19/2010

As a lifelong sceptic of Chiropractic Medicine (motivated primarily from lack of understanding), I felt it necessary to share my experience with Dr. Elkins and the kind, gentle manner in which he’s cared for me. I’ve seen Dr. Elkins 4 times in the last 7 months, primarily for neck pain attributed to a career behind the wheel of a car and secondarily for nerve motivated pain in my left hip. After my Family Practice Physician recommended medication for the pain and I turned it down, he told me that a Chiropractor might be able to help. I found Dr. Elkins online, called him, and had an appointment the same week. I’ll admit, I was pretty tough on the man during my first appointment but he is not easily derailed. He just smiled and said he understood all of my concerns while correcting my neck, lower back, and hips. I noticed the difference as soon as I rose from the table! Skeptic no more, I’ve continued to feel as good as that first appointment without having to take pills!! Thanks Dr. Elkins!!

J.W. 8/10/10